Thanks to our technological advent, the world wide web has kept us all connected while following social distancing. Even though people are not actively buying anything due to lock-down scenario and limitations on everything they are unknowingly registering brands by watching their creative digital ads. These advertisements are solely focused on spreading awareness about the precautionary measures to be taken to avoid getting an infection, like social distancing, wearing masks, discarding masks, hand-washing and not spreading rumors. These advertisements, though, will not spike sales as of now, but will remain on people’s minds for a long time as they are in public interest and in the long run will build a solid consumer base for brands.

Let us take a look at a few of such advertisements.

Audi, the world renowned car makers, slightly changed its well known logo to support social distancing, to tackle the corona-virus pandemic and, to encourage people to take care of one another, by simply keeping distance.

McDonald’s Brazil to encourage social distancing, slightly tweaked their logo with a tag line – Separated for a sometime to forever be together.

Nike advertisement in the days of global crisis subtly bringing about awareness and encouraging quarantine.

Helsi came up with this print to educate people about the importance of covering their noses properly. As those uncovered nostrils serves as an easy route for entry and exit of Corona virus.

activ, a mobile operator in Kazakhstan is encouraging people to not give up on social distancing, as the country extends quarantine period.

Snickers encourages to stay away from nitty-gritty of office work by staying at home as the situation demands.

Mucinex presented leisure activities within home as heroic to contain the virus.