Description: This ad is not only about the brand’s product but also about the gender equality. It affirms that household work is everyone’s responsibility not a women only job. Ariel has done an excellent job to promote its detergent and to emphasize that times are changing now and that men need to equally contribute to all household chores.

Caption: #SharingMakesUsBetter

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brazil
CCO: Domenico Massareto
Executive Creative Director: Gustavo Victorino
Creative Director: Luis Figueiredo
Associate Creative Director: Leandro Hermann
Copywriter: Giovani Baggio
Art Directors: Rodrigo Panachão, Carolina Marques
Account: Flávia Cortes, Maria Fernanda Laudisio, Giuliana Macedo, Andrea Carneiro, Kamila Miyazato, Gabriela João, Mayara Mascimento
Planners: Silvia Mello, Ileana Millan
Media: Garcieli Beraldi, Gabriela Nose, Tais Frasson, Vitor Lopes
Producers: Michele Pavão, Barbara Emery
Production Company: FAUNA
Director: Juliana Curi
EP and FAUNA CEO: Patrick Petry
Executive Producer: Tize Novaes
Production: Melinha Lobo
Editor: Dani Guimarães
DOP: Fernando Bertolucii
Production Design: Ana Henriques
Post Productions: Rafael Malavasi, Raphael Bonato
Motion: Rafael Fernandes
Color Grading: Psycho n’Look
Music: Fabio Smeili + Lua Nova