Description: This is an ad from Orel Corporation an electronic company in Sri Lanka. To let Sri Lankans know the benefits of utilizing circuit breakers the ad makers used the idea of a conservative tradition that still exists there. Young couples are consistently under severe adult supervision when they visit one another to prevent them from going over the edge with their shared expressions of love. The campaign shows a grown-up sitting intimidatingly in the center of a youthful couple, totally soaking their sentimental fire, sending a message that their circuit breakers as well, comparatively shield electrical frameworks from over-burdening, keeping fires from inside.

Caption: No chance of flames

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Managing Director: Renuka Marshall
Associate Creative Director: Mithila De Silva
Art Director: Thilaka Nanayakkara
Copy Writers: Sohan Ratnaike, Asiri Allage
Illustrator: Kasun Geethendra, Sisil Fernando
Client Services Director: Nishani De Soysa Maurice
Studio Manager: Saminda Rupasinghe
Digital Retoucher: Mahalingam Rajive Kanth
Photographer: Saminda Rupasinghe / Skylight Photography
CCO TBWA\Sri Lanka: Nathasoruban Sivapatham
Special Thanks: Subhash Pinnapola / Former CCO TBWA\ Sri Lanka, Mario De Soyza / Former Head Of Creative TBWA\Sri Lanka, Anthony Chelvanathan / SVP Creative Director Leo Burnett Toronto