Description: You’ve had an exceptionally awful rest and you look totally silly. Your eyes close, your body unwinds, your head drops from left to right and you end up in a truly unwanted position. Your neck is at a 45° edge, your face is squashed facing the window and your arm stuck is in the safety belt. What’s more, that is everything necessary for your friends and family to ridicule you and click you to share on online media.

ŠKODA recognized and reacted to this understanding, natural to any individual who’s at any point attempted to get some rest on a vehicle venture. The Sleep Package, a USP accessible as an alternative, comprises of two flexible headrests with the goal that travelers can at long last get some legitimate, agreeable rest. What’s more, that implies not any more idiotic positions and senseless photographs!

Caption: So you can finally get some proper sleep

Advertising Agency: Rosapark, France
Co-Founders: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco
Copywriter: Dimitri Lucas
Art Director: Anthony Lietard
Managing Director: Sacha Lacroix
Group Account Director: Romain Bruneau
Account Director: Maxime Persuy
Project Manager: Clara Bizet
Strategic Planner: Louise Imbert
Social Media Manager: Clément Bonnet
Community Manager: Céline Mingot
Art Buyer: Phitsana Dieu
Print Production & Post-production: Julia Flusin, Delphine Cotellon
Communications Director: Lauren Weber
Photographer & Director: Sophie Ebrard
Agent: Wyatt-Clarke & Jones
Production: 5roadz
Print Post-production: Nick Nedeljkovic