Description: La Casa de Papel tells the stories of modern-era Robin Hoods specialized in taking over symbols of financial power. To celebrate the launch of the third part of the show, Netflix did just the same.

In fact, two days before the official launch Milan woke up to discover that the statue of a 15mt high, red-hooded thief had taken over Piazza Affari: the seat of Italian financial power. It did so by turning the giant middle finger created by visionary artist Maurizio Cattelan, placed right in front of the Italian stock exchange, into its own hand.

The night before the launch, the takeover of Piazza Affari was completed with a public premiere screening of the first two episodes of the third part, surprising more than 5000 enthusiastic fans gathered in front of the statue.

During the whole official launch period, from the 18th and to the 22nd of July, more than 57.3K posts have been published, generating over 1.6 million interactions.

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Advertising Agency: Publicis, Italy