Does advertising really work?

US Companies spend around 170 billion dollars on advertising yearly so they seem to think it does.
Successful advertising uses a variety of ploys and procedures to (mis)guide the consumer. they elicit positive memories and emotions that modify our behavior over time and make us to buy something sometime later in time. Marketing needs to touch the subconscious mind for it to work.

People don’t like to think that they are simply influenced.

Humans intuitively look at things that other person is looking at so, advertisement frequently uses a model looking straight at the main target or message.
Also, it is best to use cheerful faces in ads because we have mirror neurons that tells us to copy the expression of the person we are focusing on. People find faces with widened pupils more alluring.
Most major advertisers increase the pupil size of their models in Photoshop.
If you position a product toward a viewers dominant hand in an advertisement, it heightens the imagine product use.
Researchers testing with pictures of sandwiches, bowls and cups found the best results when appealing to the right hand side.
Colors too have mighty relation, advertisement brands choose the colors of their logos based on what they’re trying to communicate.
Red implies act, elation and energy
Green connotes novelty, maturity and well being
Blue means loyalty, credence and reliability
Advertisements in many cases prepare the consumer by hinting at a higher price brand beforehand so their price is not bad at all in comparison to convince the consumer that their product is the best
Advertisers use techniques like the
  • Weasel claim – it is unclear and puzzling but sounds real enough that consumers believe what is said

The Weasel claim ad uses weasel words to take what could possibly be a strong claim and render it meritless by diminishing any outstanding opinions with words such as refreshes, helps, strengthens, fights, virtually, almost, probably, like and so on.

  • Steakies taste almost as heavenly as they sound.
  • HeadCleen helps get rid of dandruff completely.
  • Persix makes your dishes virtually clean.
  • Probably the best beer in the world.
  • We could make you look like a real celebrity.
  • The unfinished claim which asserts that the product is better or has more of certain thing but does not conclude the comparison the endorsement.
Testimonial where famous personalities claim to utilize the product when they mostly don’t.
In the 70s Miller Lite dubs featured sports legends and celebrities increasing their beer sales from 7 million barrels to 31 million.
So what, do you think you got Brainwashed.
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