Description: To communicate the new 24-hour availability of the The Public Bike System of Buenos Aires, the campaign uses illustrations to portray the wheels of a bike as partners in a constant chase – a baby chasing a breast, a dog chasing its tail, moths chasing a light bulb, and a squirrel chasing a chestnut. Each ad incorporates a hand-drawn typeface for the tagline, “The Buenos Aires Public Bike System Now Runs 24/7,” further evoking the movement of a bicycle chain.

Caption: Never stop riding. The Buenos Aires public bike system now runs 24/7.

Advertising Agency: La Comunidad, Argentina
Chief Creative Officers: Joaquín Mollá, José Mollá
Associate Creative Directors: Fernando Reis, Marcelo Padoca
Art Directors: Fernando Reis, Guilherme Nóbrega
Copywriter: Marcelo Padoca
Illustrator: Arthur D’Araujo
Editor Director: Pablo Alberte
Studio Editor: Sergio Skarek