Description: Cycling is becoming popular in Panama regardless of the risky roads and no knowledge about the law. Many motor drivers get irritated by cyclists and accidents are routine. In spite of all this, the sport is becoming favorite and lot of new cyclists are riding on the roads. The challenge is many riders ride in groups impeding with traffic and creating nuisance and constant fights with drivers. This ad talks to both sides, it makes sure that people understand that bikes by law are allowed on the roads. It also talks to cyclists telling them that by law they also have to follow traffic rules and stick to single line.

Caption: We are all drivers. Let’s share the road.

Advertising Agency: Cerebro Y&R, Panama, Panama
Creative Directors: Jorge Heilbron, Jose Rolando Díaz
Art Directors: Alberto Weand Ortiz, Jorge Heilbron, Jose Rolando Díaz, Mario Monteza
Retoucher: Mario Monteza