Description: In Russia, deadly weapons are either illegal or their deal is carefully managed. In any case, there is no law to control the offer of another dangerous weapon that we all can get to. Far reaching and incredible, it causes loss of life regularly. Over 90 percent of all plastic at any point created has not been reused. And, when it was not reused it transformed into a weapon. Jugs, packs, ear sticks, cylinders and the entirety of the plastic items consistently became deadly weapons. These five prints from Greenpeace were a piece of the wide-scale battle planned for bringing issues to light of the circumstance. We need to converse with individuals about plastic, we need to show that utilizing such things requires responsibility, we need to clarify that we all participate in this procedure step by step and we have to stop.

Caption: Plastic is a weapon.

Advertising Agency: Possible, Moscow, Russian Federation
Chief Creative Officer: Vlad Sitnikov
Creative Director: Artem FIlimonov
Art Director: Wanslez Quaresma
Copywriter: Karla Calheiros
Creative: Dmitriy Losev, Marat Arutyunov
Senior Account Manager: Daria Mansurova
Production: Feel Factory
Art Director: Pavel Marin
Photographer: Pavel Marin
Retouch / Composing: Danil Kartashev