Description: 50 years after Woodstock, the celebrated rock n’ roll photographer Henry Diltz sits in front of the camera to relive the history about how he seized one of the most prestigious music festivals in history. Henry Diltz | Vol.3: Woodstock, directed by Scott Hanson, takes audience back to the summer of ‘69 with unseen images of the festival and a special sit-down interview with Diltz as he describes the beginning of his career as the official Woodstock photographer and the stories behind the photos that honored esteemed album covers and captured a golden era of rock n’ roll.

Directed by: Scott Hanson
Cinematography by: Amado Stachenfeld
Creative Consultant: Janolof Fritze
Film + Images by: Henry Diltz
Titles by: Buddy Bojorquez
Produced by: Keeper
In association with Big5 Films