Freddie Mercury

Albert Einstein

Marlene Dietrich

Description: By using renowned refugees as references, this campaign of three ads shows that preconceived notions are not always right and not all refugees are hooligans, but some are brilliant minds and work towards betterment of society.

Caption: Spot the refugee… spot the potential

Advertising Agency:Jung von Matt, Stuttgart, Germany
Creative Director:Rico Noël, Matthias Hess
Art Director:Rico Noël
Copy:Matthias Hess
Copywriter & Concept:Andrea Weisser
Senior Art Director:Simon Schafstall, Julien Bucaille
Head Of Dtp:Anny Wiederoither
Cgi Artist:Gabriel Wiesler
Art Buyer:Kyra Braatz
Junior Art Buyer:Jennifer Fahrenkrog
Senior Social Media Manager:Jasmin Schlaich