Description: This ad is about a job opening/internship with TBWA. Of late, a lot of young people rallied in Belgium to request action on climate crisis. These youngsters took over Brussels with powerful slogans that became a hot NEWS.

So,TBWA decided to give these creative rebels a chance to explore their creative talent. TBWA were eager to find those who dare to interrogate wrong doings. Those who who think out of the box. In short, perfect qualities of a great copywriter.

People who take a picture of their slogan with #climatecopy stand chance to get one of TBWA’s three summer internships as a copywriter.

Caption: Skipping school.
It can get you a job.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Brussels, Belgium
Agency Contact / Account: Max Fauconnier
Creative Director: Jeroen Bostoen
Creation / Copywriter: Pieter Claeys, Kenn Van Lijsebeth
Creation / Art Direction: Roxane Schneider
Digital Creative: Charlotte Mulders