Molotov Cocktail

Description: Burger King grill their burgers over flames, one of the few that cooks their burgers this way and it is one of their main selling points.

In a new ad campaign, they turned their love of fire into a hiring plan as well. They used fire in flamethrower’s mouth, a molotov cocktail maker’s hands, dancing crowd in flames or football stadium filling with smoke and challenged people to take up a job with them if they enjoy being around the fire.

Caption: Love Fire? Contact Us.

Advertising Agency: Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Ralf Heuel
Group CD: Tobias Ahrens
CD: Jacob Eckstein, Matthias Preuss
Art: Jan Stempfle, Kaloyan Yanev
Text: Kai Reuter
Account Manager: Tim Mangels
Art Buying: Garnet Mathiessen, Lara Kortbrae
Media: Vizeum
PR: Emanate