Smart SenseGrass stalks arranged to resemble WIFI sign shows that lawn work could be done via technology of smartphone.

Smart Scissor “One-line-figure” of scissor out of one single, real grass stalk indicates that cutting of grass happens without actual human involvement.

Smart DropGrass stalks arranged to resemble a water drop means that lawn watering could be done via technology of smartphone.

Description: This ad campaign shows that with GARDENA’s smart system gardening can be done via smartphone app by one click – everything else happens automatically, no matter where you are.

Caption: As if your lawn would water itself.

Advertising Agency: Heimat Wien, Vienna, Austria
Creative Directors: Georg Feichtinger, Christoph Pausz
Art Directors: Georg Feichtinger, Simon Pointner
Copywriters: Christoph Pausz, Robin Kappacher
Photographer: Dieter Brasch
Retouching: Barbara Ster