Kidney Stone

Bad Cholesterol




Dental Caries

Description: An impressive print campaign by an impressive brand TRU chocolate which is true to its words, sugar-free dark chocolate that everyone can enjoy. With an increasing rise in chronic conditions like diabetes, Alzheimer, gout, high cholesterol, kidney stones and dental caries, patients (and people in general) are asked to keep away from sugar and therefore away from the most comfort food; chocolate. So, to satisfy the sweet tooth of this population, without any worries TRU chocolate is the best option. The six ads show chocolate bars, with wrappers identical to that of other famous confectionery brands, and labels of the diseases that doesn’t allow sugar in patients diet, suggesting that this chocolate is best for even patients suffering from such diseases.

Caption: All of the chocolate, none of the sugar

Advertising Agency: MMB, Boston, United States of America
Executive Creative Director: David Register
Associate Creative Director / Art: Ryan Dalton
Associate Creative Director / Copy: Jeff Marois