Description: The text at the top of this picture, is a long list of Chilean last names that mean opposite things in Spanish. For example “los que griton, los que callon” would be literally translated as “the ones who screamed, the ones that shut up”, and so on. Since it is Chile’s chief football teams, Universidad de Chile’s most relevant element are its fans. Their passion has no boundaries, no social differences, no professions. You love this group, that’s all that matters. You’re part of their world.

Caption: One Single Family.

Advertising Agency: Pedro Juan & Diego, Santiago, Chile
Chief Creative Officer: Rodrigo Briceño
Head of Copy: José Letelier
Head of Art: Claudio Campistó
Creative Director: Adolfo Lira, Pablo Silva
Art Director: Adolfo Lira, Eduardo Friz
Copywriter: Carlos Inostroza, Pablo Silva
Illustrator: Claudio Campistó, Adolfo Lira
Photographer: Paolo Remedy
Additional credits: Cristián Cáceres, Ramiro Silva